Me and shan Love 1D and we are happy to say we are going to see their movies in 2 weeks and we will be starting a 1D site soon which will we post soon so you can check that out to Shannon adores Harry Styles and Ellie adores Niall We are so happy that zayn malik and perrie Edwards are now endgaded Congratz so that it for now Msp CHicks xxxxx
Harry is now the only single member of 1D (good for shannon )remember if you see this late he may have gf I bet Shannon is hoping not
Niall : Taken SADLY FOR ELLIE HEs dating Ellie Golding they stole Niall and Ellie Nickname Nellie Ellie wasn't happy about that
Zayn : Endanged as we all know to Perrie Edwards
Louis : Taken By Eleanor
Liam : Taken we heard hes taken but we don't know who by ????
HARRY STYLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
SINGLE Lucky Shannon

Sorry if we don't post lately

Hi Guys we are totally sorry if we stop posting stuff daily its just we might be busy as we both are just starting secondary school anyway it will be very hard to keep posting how much fame we have left so we will probably update once a week or more
Ellie And Shannon xxxx
Hi Guys as you know Shannon and I are reasonable close to level 7 so we are doing a competition whoever give us the most wishys grettings and all of that stuff to help us the most will win a wishy MAX PRICE : 500 sc . I (Ellie / Nina ) will pick a winner and Shannon/Shannon will pick a winner so you will get 2 chances to shine that's all for now Msp Chicks Ellie and Shannon


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    August 2013